Monday, December 19, 2005

Latest Update

Just saw a note on here from TheStreet reporter Jonathan Berr, asking for the status of this site and the Jeeves character.

I have not personally had any time to devote to this site at all, and I must apologize for failing our esteemed valet/butler in his time of need, but alas there is only so much you can do without direct access to the vast majority of actual Jeeves users. Again I thank all of you for your thoughts, and support. Hopefully, this site at least gave pause to those who make the decisions in IAC/Ask Jeeves.

As far as official word goes - of course nothing further has been released. But my own snoops within the company seem to indicate that is almost certain Jeeves will be phased out without so much as a goodbye -- and it is doubtful anything will sway the decision of those in control -- at least until their numbers actually start to drop and reflect the difficulty in trying to market a brand as non-memorable as "ASK".

At that point, it will just be a question of how long before the decision-makers will admit their mistake, or will they push on blindly and blame every other factor they can find until the site fades into obscurity.

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but at least this site will still exist in the future, as proof of the sentiments of those both within and outside of the Jeeves organization -- and the efforts of those who would save the personality and color of the site which has weathered so much. And who knows, perhaps Jeeves will indeed return to us in the future -- rest assured we'll be back here to celebrate. Until then, I'll post updates as information comes and time allows.

Thank you,

***The Save Jeeves Blogger***